Accepted Papers

Authors Title
Kunchang Li, Runhua Shi, Jingchen Yan, Chenxi Cai, Mingyu Sun, Jinbin Li A RMF and AHP-Based Approach to Risk Assessment of Power Internet of Things
Md Yeakub Hassan, Ullash Saham, Noman Mohammed, Stepane Durocher, Avery Miller Efficient Privacy-Preserving Approaches for Trajectory Datasets
Shuteng Niu, Jian Wang, YongXin Liu, Dr. Houbing Song Transfer Learning based Data-Efficient Machine Learning Enabled Classification
Manuel Leibetseder, Marc Kruz, Erik Sonnleitner, Thomas Rittenschober Executing Complex Calculations in the Cloud to Enable Real-Time Data Processing
Seyednima Khezr, Dr. Rachid Benlamri, Dr. Abdulsalam Yassine Blockchain-based Model for Sharing Activities of Daily Living in Healthcare Applications
Kanwal Aalijah, Dr.Rabia Irfan Scalable Taxonomy Generation and Evolution on Apache Spark
Robert Cordingly, Wen Shu, Wes Lloyd Prediction Performance and Cost of Serverless Computing Functions with SAAF
Shailendra Singh, Abdulsalam Yassine, Rachid Benlamri Internet of Energy Ensemble Learning Through Multilevel Stacking for Load Forecasting
Yushan Jiang, Yongxin Lin, Dahai Liu, Houbing Song Applying Machine Learning to Aviation Big Data for Flight Delay Prediction
Bannya Chanda, Shikharesh Majumdar Filtering and Storing User Preferred Data an Apache Spark Based Approach
Anshuman Biswas, Shikharesh Majumdar, Biswajit Nandy, Ali El-Haraki Auto-scaling Compute and Network Resources in a Data-cente
Rober Cordingly, Hanfei Yu, Varik Hoang, David Perez, David Foster, Zohreh Sadeghi, Rashad Hatchett, Wes Lloyd Implications of Programming Language Selection for Serverless Data Processing Pipelines
David Perez, Ling-Hung Hong, Sonia Xu, Ka Yee Yeung, Wes Lloyd Characterizing Performance Variation of Genomic Data Analysis Workflows on the Public Cloud
Ayman Alahmar and Rachid Benlamri Optimizing Hospital Resources Using Big Data Analytics with Standardized e-Clinical Pathways