Accepted Papers

Authors Title
Kalpesh Lad, M. Ali Akeber Dewan, Fuhua Lin Multi-Agent Trust Management Using Smart Contracts
Matt Maloney, Dr. Gregory Falco, Dr. Michael Siegel Cyber-Physical System Security Automation through Blockchain Remediation and Execution(SABRE)
Shakir Mahmood, Raghav H. Venkatnarayan, Muhammad Shahzad Recognizing Human Gestures Using Ambient Light
Saeed Khan, Ash Rahimi, Neil Bergmann Urban Mobility Prediction Using Twitter
David Nam, Jerin Yasmin, Farhana Zulkernine Effects of Pre-trained Word Embeddings on Text-based Deception Detection
Yifei Yin Determining Worker Type from Legal Text Data using Machine Learning
Meng Wang Image Annotation based on Semantic Structure and Graph Learning
Guoming Chen, Qiang Chen, Yigun Chen, Xiongyong Zhu Historical Document Image Denoising by Ising Model
Arash Sattari, Rouhollah Ehsani, Teemu Leppanen, Susanna Pirttikangas and Jukka Riekki Edge-supported Microservice-based Resource Discovery for Mist Computing