The 16th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing

12-15 August 2018, Athens, Greece

Final List of Accepted Papers for IEEE PICom 2018

Full/Regular Papers

  • Methodology for monitoring In-Process Cutting Tool Wear Based on Image Analysis - Marcio Corazzim; Paulo Aguiar; Romulo Lins
  • Evaluation of Self-Rehabilitation Movements by Hidden Markov Model - Yves Rybarczyk
  • Distributed Protocol of Horizontal Cloud Federation Based on Inter-Cloud Architecture -Messaouda Ayachi; Hassina Nacer; Hachem Slimani
  • Time-Incremental Convolutional Neural Network for Arrhythmia Detection in Varied-length Electrocardiogram - Qihang Yao; Xiaomao Fan; Yunpeng Cai; Ruxing Wang; Liyan Yin; Ye Li
  • Trust management for a Context-aware Authentication System - Malika Yaici; Anis Oussayah; Mohamed Takerrabet
  • Cooperative Caching Plan of Popular Videos for Mobile Users by Grouping Preferences - Yi-Ting Chen; Chia-Cheng Yen; Yu-Tai Lin; Jia-Shung Wang
  • DRAW: Data Replication for Enhanced Data Availability in IoT-based Sensor Systems - Waleed Bin Qaim; Oznur Ozkasap
  • Multilevel Observability in Cloud Orchestration - Rodolfo Picoreti; Alexandre do Carmo; Felippe Queiroz; Anilton Salles Garcia; Raquel F Vassallo; Dimitra Simeonidou
  • Wale: a Dockerfile-based approach to deduplicate shared libraries in Docker containers - Federico Fausto Santoro; Corrado Santoro; Fabrizio Messina; Fabio D'Urso
  • An Intelligent Portable Border Control System: Overall System Design with Computational Intelligence Technologies for Border Control Procedures Enhancement - George Boultadakis
  • Signal2vec: Representation of Time Series in Vector Space - Chrstoforos Nalmpantis; Dimitris Vrakas
  • C-SAK: Chinese Scanning Ambiguous Keyboard for Parkinson's Disease Patients - Farzana Jabeen; Linmi Tao; Xinyue Wang; Shanshan Mei
  • Cost Efficient Edge Intelligence Framework Using Docker Containers - Mabrook AL-Rakhami; Mohammed Alsahli; Mohammad Mehedi Hassan; Atif Alamri; Antonio Guerrieri; Giancarlo Fortino
  • Pervasive 3D Reconstruction to Identify Hidden 3D Survival Spaces for Search and Rescue Management - Panagiotis Mysiris; Nikolaos D. Doulamis; Anastasios D Doulamis; Vasilis Sourlas; Angelos Amditis
  • Density based multisensor data fusion for multiapplication wireless sensor networks - Claudio M. Farias; Luci Pirmez; Flávia Coimbra Delicato
  • A Dual Sampling Cooperative Communication Method for Energy and Delay Reduction -Fenyu Jiang; Yan Sun; Chris Phillips
  • FTSGD: An Adaptive Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithm for Spark MLlib - Hong Zhang; Zixia Liu; Hai Huang; Liqiang Wang
  • A Pilot Study Mapping Citizens' Interaction with Urban Nature - Enrico Ferrara; Antonio Liotta; Laura Erhan; Maryleen Ndubuaku; Daniel D Giusto; Miles Richardson; David Sheffield; Kirsten McEwan
  • Effective Routing algorithm based on Software defined networking for big data applications in Data centre network - Ali Khaleel; Hamed Saffa Al-Raweshidy
  • Edge-based Energy Management for Smart Homes - Chunqiu Xia; Wei Li; Xiaomin Chang; Flávia Coimbra Delicato; Ting Yang; Albert Zomaya

Work in Progress Papers

  • An Improved Fuzzy Logic Based Recommender System by Integrating Social Tags and Social Networks' Information - Asgarali Bouyer
  • Incentive Allocation to Sequential Decision-Making Sensors in Mobile Crowdsensing - Iordanis Koutsopoulos
  • SDM-based Means of Gradient for Eye Center Localization - Hui Yu; Yifan Xia; Jianwen Lou; Junyu Dong; Gongfa Li
  • A Data Fusion Method Based on Clustered Index in Crowd Sensing - Shukui Zhang
  • Dance Posture/Steps Classification using 3D Joints from the Kinect Sensors - Nikos Bakalos; Eftychios Protopapadakis; Anastasios D Doulamis; Nikolaos D. Doulamis
  • Safe Cycle: Infrastructural Control for Bikers - Massimo Marchiori
  • State-of-the-art Data Replication Techniques in IoT-based Sensor Systems - Waleed Bin Qaim; Oznur Ozkasap

Poster Papers

  • Joint Power Control and Channel Assignment for Green Device-to-Device Communication -Chih-Shun Hsu; Wei-Chen Chen
  • Decision Boundary Formation of Deep Convolution Networks with ReLU - Chulhee Lee; Woo Seongyoun
  • Single Image Super-Resolution Using Frequency-Dependent Convolutional Neural Networks - Chulhee Lee

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