The 16th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing

12-15 August 2018, Athens, Greece

Computational Intelligence for Pervasive Systems

Over the last fifty years, computational intelligence has evolved from logic-based artificial intelligence, nature-inspired soft computing, and social-oriented agent technology to cyber-physical integrated ubiquitous intelligence towards Pervasive Intelligence (PI). The International Conference on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing is intended to cover all kinds of these intelligent paradigms as well as their applications in various pervasive computing domains. PICom-2018 is the conference on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing, previously held as PCC (Las Vegas, USA, 2003 and 2004), PSC (Las Vegas, USA, 2005), PCAC (Vienna, Austria, 2006, and Niagara Falls, Canada, 2007), IPC-2007 (Jeju, Korea, December 2007), IPC-2008 (Sydney, Australia, December 2008), and since 2009 as the name PICom. IEEE PICom 2018 will be held on 12-15 August 2018 in Athens, Greece, co-located with IEEE CyberSciTech 2018, IEEE DASC 2018 and DataCom 2018. It aims to bring together computer scientists and engineers, to discuss and exchange experimental and theoretical results, work-in-progress, novel designs, and test-environments or test-beds in the important areas of Pervasive Intelligence and Computing.

IEEE PICom 2018 Topics

Deep Learning and Deep Computation

Big Data and Smart Data

Brain-inspired Computing

Crowd Souring and Intelligence

Social Intelligence and Computing

Ubiquitous Intelligence

Agent-based Computing

Cyber-Physical Computing

The Internet of Things

Cloud of Things and Cloud of Sensors

Embedded HW, SW & Systems

Pervasive Devices and RFIDs

Wearable Devices and Applications

Sensor Technology and Networks

Pervasive Networks/Communications

Edge and Fog Computing

Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)

Device Virtualization

Privacy, Security and Trust

Context-Aware Computing

Mobile Data Mining

Ubiquitous Data Mining

Activity Recognition

Cloud Computing

Services for Pervasive Computing

Smart Cities and Smart Homes

Intelligent Social Networking

Pervasive Technologies for ITS

HCI for Pervasive Computing

Mobile Data Modeling

Middleware for Pervasive Computing

Intelligent/Smart IoT

Programming Abstractions for IoT

Semantic Analysis


Authors are invited to submit their original work that has not previously been submitted or published in any other venue. Regular, work-in-progress (WiP), workshop/special session, poster papers all need to be in IEEE CS format and submitted following the same instruction on the CyberSciTech 2018 congress website ( A regular paper is between 6-8 pages. A WiP, workshop, or special session paper should be between 4-6 pages and a poster paper should be between 2-4 pages.


  • The 3rd IEEE Cyber Science and Technology Congress (CyberSciTech 2018)
  • The 16th IEEE Conf. on Dependable, Autonomic & Secure Computing (DASC 2018)
  • The 4th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Big Data Intelligence and Computing (DataCom 2018)


  • Papers that must be submitted electronically via the 2018 congress website
  • Workshop & Special Session Proposals related to pervasive intelligence/comp
  • Tutorial Proposals addressing the emerging areas within the conference

Accepted conference papers will be published by IEEE (IEEE-DL and EI indexed) in Conference Proceedings. Best Paper Awards will be presented to high quality papers. Selected papers will be recommended to prestigious journal special issues.

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