The 19th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing (PICom 2021)

October 25-28, 2021 - Virtual Conference

PICom Accepted Papers (Full/Regular papers)

  1. Multi-Feature Shuffle Algorithm for Root Cause Detection in Semiconductor Manufacturing - Ding Tan; Xingyu Xu; Kaixiang Yu; Sihai Zhang; Tianchi Chen
  2. An Improved ALNS for Solving Vehicle Routing Problem with Tight Time Constraint - Tomoki Shirai
  3. How Feature Remove and Shuffle Work in Key Feature Detection? The Perspective of NDER -Xingyu Xu; Ding Tan; Sihai Zhang; Tianchi Chen
  4. Multi-Grid Redundant Bounding Box Annotation for Accurate Object Detection - Solomon Negussie Tesema; El-Bey Bourennane
  5. Data-driven Adaptive Network Management with Deep Reinforcement Learning - Ameer Ivoghlian; Kevin I-Kai Wang; Zoran Salcic
  6. Horizontal Auto-Scaling in Edge Computing Environment using Online Machine Learning - Thiago Pereira Silva; Aluizio F. Rocha, Neto; Thais Batista; Frederico Lopes; Flávia Coimbra Delicato; Paulo F. Pires
  7. Malicious Network Traffic Detection in IoT Environments Using A Multi-level Neural Network -Menglu Li; Eleonora Achiluzzi; Md Fahd Al Georgy; Rasha Kashef
  8. Interpretable Detection of Affective Engagement for Online Learners on Edge Devices -David Boulanger; M. Ali Akber Dewan; Vivekanandan S Kumar; Oscar Lin
  9. Decision-Making of an Autonomous Vehicle when Approached by an Emergency Vehicle using Deep Reinforcement Learning - Hamid Shoaraee; Liang Chen; Fan Terry Jiang

PICom Accepted Papers (Work in Progress)

  1. Accurate Step Count With Generalizable Deep Learning on Accelerometer Data - Long Luu; Arvind Pillai; Halsey Lea; Ruben Buendia; Faisal Khan; Glynn Dennis
  2. Hercules: A context-aware multiple application and multisensor data fusion algorithm - Fabiano Martins; João Paixão; Claudio M. Farias; Flávia Coimbra Delicato
  3. Network Flow Classification and Volume Prediction using Novel Ensemble Deep Learning Architectures in the Era of the Internet of Things (IoT) - Yoga Suhas Kuruba Manjunath; Vakar Kohli; Salman Ghaffar; Rasha Kashef
  4. Towards a Hierarchical Architectural Model for IoT End-User Service Composition -Federico Montori; Vincenzo Armandi; Luca Bedogni