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The 19th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing (PICom 2021)

Oct. 25-28, 2021 - Virtual Conference

Computational Intelligence for Pervasive Systems

Over the last fifty years, computational intelligence has evolved from artificial intelligence, nature-inspired computing, and social-oriented technology to cyber-physical integrated ubiquitous intelligence towards Pervasive Intelligence (PI). The IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing is intended to cover all kinds of these intelligent paradigms as well as their applications in various pervasive computing domains. PICom-2021 is the conference on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing, previously held as PCC (Las Vegas, USA, 2003 and 2004), PSC (Las Vegas, USA, 2005), PCAC (Vienna, Austria, 2006, and Niagara Falls, Canada, 2007), IPC-2007 (Jeju, Korea, December 2007), IPC-2008 (Sydney, Australia, December 2008), and since 2009 as the name PICom. It aims to bring together computer scientists and engineers, to discuss and exchange experimental and theoretical results, work-in-progress, novel designs, and test-environments or testbeds in the important areas of Pervasive Intelligence and Computing.                    

Along with the conference, 4 workshops will be held:

  1. International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery for Big Data (KDBD 2021) -

  2. Edge of Things (EoT 2021) -

  3. International Workshop on Computing and Communication Technologies for Internet of Things (IWCCT2021) -

  4. The 3rd Intelligence Big Data Processing Infrastructure and Its Applications (IBPI 2021) -

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Workshop/SS Proposal Due: May 1, 2021
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Camera-ready Submission: Oct. 1, 2021

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