IEEE CyberSciTech/ PICom/ DASC/ CDBCom 2022

September 12-15, 2022 - Physical Conference

Special Issues

Selected conference articles will be invited to be submitted to the following Special Issues for extended versions of the accepted conference papers within the scope of the Research.

  1. Special Issue on Distributed and Collaborative Learning Empowered Edge Intelligence in Smart City in ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks
    Guest Editors:
    Prof. Xiaokang Zhou - Shiga University (Japan), Prof. Vincenzo Piuri - University of Milan (Italy), Prof. Henry Leung - University of Calgary (Canada)
  2. Special Issue on Dark side of the Socio-Cyber World: Media Manipulation, Fake News, and Misinformation in IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems
    Guest Editors:
    Dr. Gwanggil Jeon (Corresponding Editor) - Incheon National University (South Korea), Dr. Xiaochun Cheng - Middlesex University London (UK), Dr. Abdellah Chehri - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (Canada), Prof. Giancarlo Fortino - University of Calabria (Italy), Dr. Marcelo Albertini - University of Uberlandia (Brazil), Dr. Shiping Wen - University of Sydney Technology (Australia)
  3. Special Issue on Physics-Informed Machine Learning in IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence
    Guest Editors:
    Francesco Piccialli – University of Naples Federico II (Italy), Maizar Raissi - University of Colorado Boulder (USA), Felipe A.C. Viana – University of Central Florida (USA), Giancarlo Fortino – University of Calabria (Italy), Huimin LU - Kyushu Institute of Technology (Japan), Amir Hussain - School of Computing - Edinburgh Napier University (Scotland)
  4. Special Issue on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for Beyond 5G Systems in ACM Transactions on Distributed Ledger Technologies: Research and Practice
    Guest Editors:
    Prof. Andrei Gurtov - Linkoping University (Sweden), Prof. Giancarlo Fortino - University of Calabria (Italy), Prof. Salil Kanhere - University of New South Wales (Australia), Asst. Prof. Madhusanka Liyanage - University College Dublin (Ireland)
  5. Special Issue on Distributed Learning and Blockchain Enabled Infrastructures for Next Generation of Big Data Driven Cyber-Physical Systems in Journal of Systems Architecture
    Guest Editors:
    Prof. Xiaokang Zhou (Managing Guest Editor) - Shiga University (Japan), Prof. Giancarlo Fortino - University of Calabria (Italy), Prof. Alireza Jolfaei - Flinders University (Australia), Prof. Lianyong Qi - Qufu Normal University (China), Prof. Mohammad Hammoudeh - Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)

The listed SI are "open" special issues, the authors will be anyway welcome to submit their papers.